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NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert for CIDER- Roulette, PA- 16 year old Palomino Rocky Mountain Stallion. Cider was last seen on 8/30/16 by a neighbor outside of the fence. See pictures, full details, contact info and Cider's flyer that we ask you to print and post everywhere. The flyer can be found on Cider's webpage: Click here: Please help find Cider by sharing this information to your friends, social media groups, etc.


Rather than trim their overgrown hooves, he hung them from the ceiling of the barn!

PENNSLYVANIA: Clarion County Sheriff Department raided a Bright Future's Farm and found 11 Tennessee Walking Horses in decaying circumstances that would shock anyone!  For three years all of the horses were kept inside this dark and filthy barn, never seeing the light of day. They were negelcted, starved, standing in their own filth and had very little human contact.

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Photo Credit: News of the Horse

To make it worse the man hung six of the horses from the barn just because their feet got too long. Really??? Only one of those horses survived and it was Cider. The rest were immediately euthanized.

The Clarion County District Attorney was to file 5 charges against the owner of the horses. The penalty for those charges added up to a mere maximum fine of $700 per charge. For all of this horrible treatment of these majestic animals the man only received a slap on the hand because animal cruelty is a misdemenor.


We read on the internet that several horses are still alive and fighting to live and find peace. We are not sure that can ever happen but we sure hope that it does.

Cider, the only horse to survice the hanging in the barn, is doing better but remains unsure of how to behave in his new surroundings. He has had so much to learn about trusting humans. Now he is gone! Poof! He is not in his safe haven any longer.

The black stallion went into an emotional tizzy when he was let outside. He was so emotional and needed his human by his side to deal with his new situation.

They do love to interact with people and love to be groomed. Let's hope for the ones who are still safe that whey will find forever love and trust one day.

Now, we need your help finding Cider. Poor baby. What is he going through now?

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