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Find My Horses Presents:  NetPosse Missing Horse Alert Pennsylvania

NetPosse Missing Horse Alert PHOENIXVILLE, (Chester County), PA- 6 year old Red Roan/White Pintaloosa – Minature Gelding last seen in on July 25, 2016. Lucky was taken out of his stall and loaded into the back of a car. See pictures, full details, contact info and Lucky’s flyer that we ask you to print and post everywhere. The flyer can be found on Lucky’s webpage: Click here:

Please help Anna find Lucky by sharing this information to your friends, social media groups, etc.

8/2/16 – While some individuals have voiced concerns that they consider this case to be resolved. However, based on the information that has been provided to us from both parties, we are not convinced that this case is resolved. One party contacted us on 7/29/2016 and stated that the horse is safe. We have requested the proper documentation. This has not been received from that party as of yet. Anna is wanting to ensure that Lucky is in a safe home and being cared for properly. As of this post, there has not been a resolved agreement to this case at this time.

We are not judge and jury, we do not give legal advise. We are waiting for the two parties to take this to court. As of this post, this has not happened.

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