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I do a monthly check on the NetPosse Horses to check for updates. November 9th I've not been able to get this report to pull up on Netposse.

NetPosse - Searching For Horse Alert - North Potomac (Montgomery County), MD, Ziva is a 14-year-old Grey/flea bitten grey Thoroughbred Mare that was sold even though Linda had a first refusal to purchase agreement with the barn. Ziva may be headed to the auction and Linda wants to ensure her safety and is willing to buy her back.

Please help find Ziva! For full details on Ziva's Alert, please visit her webpage at:

Please share Ziva's information by sharing this information to your friends, social media groups, etc.

We had first right of refusal to purchase an aging and chronically lame Thoroughbred Mare named Ziva. Without notice she was transported to auction. They would provide information on her whereabouts, then repeatedly gave us false leads on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and in Northern Virginia. We believe to stall for time to have her disappear at Auction. We previously leased Ziva and had an widely known agreement for rights to purchase should the facility choose to part with her.

We want to ensure that Ziva is safe and we are willing to purchase her back - we have a wonderful forever home for her.


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