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6/1/17 - REYNOLDS HAS BEEN FOUND AND IS SAFELY HOME! According to Jerry Finch "This is a miracle success story. The thought of an easy $500 led to them “finding” the horse."

NetPosse™ MISSING PRESUMED STOLEN Horse Alert for Reynolds, NR005247, May 29, 2017 – Sometime between the evening of May 28, 2017 to early morning hours on May 29, 2017, someone cut the fence and Reynolds was taken from his pasture at Habitat For Horses in Texas.

A report has been filed with law enforcement, we are awaiting confirmation on how law enforcement is handling the case. At this time, we are releasing the report as Missing Presumed Stolen and will make appropriate changes once confirmation from law enforcement received.


Please help find Reynolds by sharing this information to your friends, social media groups, etc.

LA MARQUE, Texas -- Officials with a horse rescue in Galveston County say someone cut through their fence and stole a horse.

Workers noticed the horse, named Reynolds, was missing after doing a head count at the Habitat for Horses property in La Marque on Monday.

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