NetPosse Report MISSING EQUINE Babydoll, – GA

NR005205 - MISSING EQUINE Babydoll,  - GA

NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert for Babydoll - Canton (Cherokee County), GA: Two horses were being kept by a barn in exchange for using them for lesson horses as well as the use of equipment such as jumps, etc. Babydoll was pastured on a 40-acre lot, and upon frequent visitations she would come when we called, suddenly that stopped barn owner said they were just way out back. Recently it was learned that there had not been horses on that pasture for quite some time. Other horse has been moved and is safe which was felt necessary before releasing a report on Babydoll. The owner left with shattered trust and heartbreak not knowing where Babydoll is, please help us find her and bring her home! See pictures, full details, contact info for Babydoll that we ask you to print and post everywhere. More information can be found on their webpage: Click here:

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Report Image - Report5205BabydollCanva.jpg

Incident Details

Incident Date:
Canton (Cherokee County), GA, 30114, USA

An agreement with a "friend" we kept two horses at the barn which were to be used as lesson horses, along with our equipment sent to assist which included jumps, etc. in exchange for care of both horses. Babydoll was supposedly in a 40-acre pasture down the street from the barn. We went and saw her there multiple times, but then suddenly we couldn't find her anymore. We were told that she was still there, just far back into the pasture, but as time has gone by, we have now found out horses have not been on that pasture in months. Initial filing was delayed to allow us to get our other horse moved to safety which is now done. We have had her since she was two years old, and would like to find our girl.

Tennessee Walker
Nine years
Current Age:
Ten years
15.3 hands
1100 lbs

All Markings
Face: Star, Snip
Details: Star and a small snip
Leg Markings: Left Front Leg - Stocking • Left Rear Leg - Stocking • Right Front Leg - Stocking • Right Rear Leg - Stocking •
Other Details: tall black stockings • Black mane and tail


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