NetPosse Report Missing Miniature Black Stallion REWARD New York

NR005212 - MISSING EQUINE Butchie, $5000.00 REWARD  - NY

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NetPosse™ Missing Presumed Stolen Horse, NR005212 for ‘Butchie’ aka ‘Brady’ - Monroe (Orange County), NY

My miniature horse Butchie was stolen between 10 pm on Tuesday night (4/11) and 3 am (Wed. 4/12) from his paddock. Orange County Sheriff Department has been notified, and a report made. At this time we are releasing Butchie’s report as “Missing Presumed Stolen” until we have verification from law enforcement that they are handling the case as theft.


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Incident Details

Incident Date:
Monroe (Orange County), NY, 10950, USA

My miniature horse Butchie was stolen between 10 pm on Tuesday night (4/11) and 3 am (Wed. 4/12) from his paddock. Went to feed him and his female companion and he was not there. I checked all the boards, everything intact. His partner was spooked and seemed like she was trying to tell me something. They would never leave each other's sight. I road around the area in my car and immediately called the state police who then transferred the call to the Orange County sheriff’s dept. A deputy was dispatched, he looked around and found nothing. I told him the chain was placed on and no miniature could reach to chain a gate. It was agreed he was walked off the premises. A 350 lb. the horse could not shimmy under the lowest board is 12 in. off the ground. I tried animal shelters, animal control, equine vets and regular vets around and surrounding areas. No phone calls, flyers made and some people posted on facebook and I was also on channel 12 Hudson Valley News on Friday 5 pm up until Sat. night. Please help " he’s 22 yrs. old, black, a very handsome stallion and a beautiful black and white tail.

Black/black and white tail
Miniature - none
22 years
Current Age:
21 years
48.0 inches
350 lbs

All Markings
PID Details: none
Face: None
Details: 20 white hairs on forehead
Leg Markings: Left Front Leg - Coronet Band • Left Rear Leg - None • Right Front Leg - Coronet Band • Right Rear Leg - None •
Other Details: none • none


Updates and News

MONROE - An Orange County woman says she has a little problem with whoever stole her miniature horse.

"I just want him returned," says Dolores Romano, of Monroe. "I wouldn't press any charges or anything. I just want him back."

Romano has taken care of two miniature horses at a small farm on Candle Road for 22 years.

But earlier this week, her horse Butchie disappeared from his pen. She says someone likely opened the gate and led him out. The fence is still intact, and she says that an aging, 4-foot-tall horse could not have jumped over it.

She has since installed a padlock.

"These are my companions," Romano says. "I live and work for my animals. They are everything for me."

She says the Orange County Sheriff's Office is investigating Butchie's disappearance, but in the meantime, she's worried he was stolen for resale, breeding or slaughter.

"I want my horse back safe," she says. "I don't want no harm done to him."

To see the entire story and the video of the news report, please click here:

Resource: News 12 Hudson Valley, April 14, 2017

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