NetPosse – Found –™ SEARCHING FOR HORSE - Red Solo Cup aka "Red"- 14 year old Sorrel Welsh Pony Gelding. Last Known Location: Frisco, NC - Red was sold on one condition that if he didn't work out he was to come back to Kimberly Wells. Unfortunately, he has since been transferred to different owners. Please help find Red and bring him home to Kimberly's son! For full details on Red's Alert, please visit his webpage at:  Kimberly is searching for Red so she can make sure he is okay and if possible buy him back for her son.

Please share Red's information by sharing this information to your friends, social media groups, etc.

We have WONDERFUL NEWS for you this Saturday!!! SEARCHING FOR HORSE - Red Solo Cup aka "Red" - was located on Friday 10/21/16 in a shipping pen. With the help of many wonderful people, Red was bailed and is now in the process of going to QT/Transport Home. We are thankful for everyone that worked hard on this case last night with the shipping pen and even more grateful for Laurie Dube for everything she has done to help Kimberly A. Wells & her son in this recovery! Laurie found Red posted on the shipping pen page and contacted us immediately. Wheels went into motion and many people came together for this terrific result! The volunteers with Stolen Horse International worked very hard to make this happen and for that we are grateful! Thank you Linda Baca, Nancy Johnson, Dawn Lambert Thomson & Pamela Miller Stolen Horse International aka -... (If I left anyone out, please forgive me!)
We will update you once Red has made it home!
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