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9/15/2017: Update from Chelsea Lynn. "Found my baby today!!!!!! He wouldn't get in the trailer so had to trot him home luckily it wasn't to far. I believe whoever had him got nervous and dumped him near home he is being a brat but I'm just happy he is home!!!!!!"

NetPosse™ Stolen Horse Alert for “Dodge” - Richmond (Ray County), MO: Dodge is a 1 yr old Sorrell Crossbred Pony. He was last seen on November 30th, 2016 and when the owner was searching the pasture, she saw where someone took Dodge from the property. Ray County Sheriff Department is actively investigating the case as a theft. See pictures, full details, contact info and flyer for Dodge that we ask you to print and post everywhere. The flyer can be found on their webpage: Click here:

Please help find Dodge by sharing this information to your friends, social media groups, etc.



For more information, contact: Stolen Horse International


STOLEN EQUINE, – “Dodge” – Missouri

Richmond (Ray County), MO Saturday, December 3, 2016

Dodge is a 1 year old Sorrell Crossbred Pony that was taken from his pasture on November 30, 2016 according to his owner, Chelsea Gorham.

Ms. Gorham asked Stolen Horse International for assistance in locating Dodge. On November 30, 2016, Ms. Gorham noticed that Dodge was missing from his pasture where he was kept with their other horses. She went to search the pasture for him when he was with their other horses and saw that the gate to the road that runs beside the pasture was left open. Ms. Gorham filed a stolen horse report with Ray County Sheriff Department.

Stolen Horse International, a nonprofit organization also known as, is well known as the “lost and found’ place for horses on the internet for the equine industry. offers horse theft and equine ID education and assist in search and recovery of stolen or missing horses, as well as other equine equipment.

“Dodge was my 4-year-old son’s buddy and he was going to be his pony.”, says Chelsea Gorham. “He was a rescue when we got him. He was scared of everybody and very underweight at the time.” Ms. Gorham went on to tell Stolen Horse International, that Dodge was scheduled to be gelded next week. She explained that he had been kept in the barn up until 1 week ago when he was turned out with their other horses in the pasture. Ms. Gorham explained that Dodge will come to a whistle and has been taught how to bow. They have looked everywhere for Dodge and there are no signs of him to be found. The Ray County Sheriff Department has verified that they are handling the case as a stolen horse.

On December 2, 2016, Stolen Horse International, Inc. received the first online report on its web site,, filed by Gorham and, in short order, began distributing the information via their NetPosse Alert (the horse community’s Amber Alert) on the Internet to hundreds of social media groups and private email contacts in an effort to rally the public to help the family.

You will find Dodge’s webpage with information and a printable flyer in his listing, which is where any updates or leads will be posted. People interested in helping can search for report number NR005128 or use this direct link on the site:

“Circulating the Dodge’s flyer and the Alert nationwide is imperative, as he could be anywhere by now. These flyers are one tool that brings home many horses and must be posted in as many public places as possible,” says Debi Metcalfe, founder of Stolen Horse International. “And remember, not everyone has internet access. Please post Dodge’s flyer in public places as well.”

Pictures, flyer, contact information, updates and other information are on the NetPosse webpage to identify this case quickly when calling in a tip. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Chelsea Gorham, Ray County Sheriff Department or Stolen Horse International with any information.

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