NetPosse Several Similar Missing Horse Reports

All information in this post has come from the Stolen Horse International Website.  Let's find the missing horses.  Everyone share and forward this information. 

NetPosse has stated that they have several similar reports at this time.  They may all be connected.  If you know of anything or have another similar report to please contact NetPosse.

Every single one of these cases is due to a scammer. Could this have been prevented? Maybe, maybe not. At this point, we are just looking for the horses if we can find them. Hopefully answers for the owners. Too many people have had their hearts broken by someone who preyed upon their good faith. They wanted their horse to be taken care of and have a good retirement. They looked for what they thought would be the perfect place and the right person to take them. Now they find that not only did not exist but that their precious animal may very well have suffered a cruel and painful end that only a nightmare could have created.

Please share this with your contacts-family, friends, etc. We want to let as many people as possible know about the danger that these scammers in general pose and this one person who is scamming people in GA, FL, NC, and KY poses. As you read through the cases, you will get a picture of what kind of person does this, the ruse used, and the hurt is done.

Go to the web page for each case. Download the flyer and print it out. Distribute it to the public so that people who are not on social media will also be warned and will see the information. Please spread this in as many places as possible. Every person who sees it becomes another investigator looking for these horses and answers to the questions these owners have.

Thank you for participating in the NetPosse ALERT Network.

You Are the NetPosse.

We are Stolen Horse International.


NR005422 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Willie,  - GA

NR005427 - SEARCHING FOR HORSES Trouble, Lia - GA

NR005430 - MISSING EQUINE, Civil Complete Clue, REWARD  - NC

NR005433 - MISSING EQUINES, Civil - Grey Lady, King - GA

NR005434 - MISSING EQUINES, Civil - Cocoa, Tibby REWARD  - GA

NR005435 - MISSING EQUINE, Civil, Redhaven Mikkali aka Micky, REWARD  - NC

NR005436 - MISSING EQUINE, Civil Playing the Field aka Maddux,  - GA

NR005437 - MISSING EQUINE, Civil - Ranger,  - AL

NR005439 - MISSING EQUINES, Civil - Cheyenne, Samson, Rocky  - AL

NR005440 - MISSING CIVIL HORSE Pat Bars Gold Freckle aka Blondie,  - AL



All of the horses in this video have two things in common. Their owners all had circumstances change their lives and their horses were all given in good faith to one woman in Alabama. Perhaps you know her?

This young Tuskegee University vet student promised they'd be in retirement homes, companion animals for her barrel horse or she train them and use them for her personal trail horses. She lied.

Not once did she tell anyone that she was going to sale them and take them to horse auctions. If she had none of the owners would have let her have their horses.

We know it has been a very long time since this con was pulled on the unsuspecting owners. We know the odds are stacked against finding these horses. We have found a couple horses that were sold to horse owners by this woman. Perhaps there are more. Maybe you have one of them right now?

We never give up on HOPE. And with your help, we hope we will help make this woman pay for all the heartache and pain she has brought to so many, both horse and human.

Have you seen any of these horses? Are you a victim too? If so, contact Stolen Horse International via our website, or our Facebook page, Stolen Horse International, Inc., aka


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