New Facebook Policy of No Animal Sales

As one of the perks of using Find My Horses we post your business or horse on many Facebook Groups and get your information in front of potential clients for you.  Due to the recent ad removals on Facebook, this has changed with how we can help you sell your horses.

It has never been OK to sell animals of any kind on Facebook according to their Commerce Policy.  Until recently Facebook didn't do anything about it, and unless you searched and read it beforehand, you never knew about the restriction.  About a month ago many of the posts that I was promoting for you, my clients, started being deleted.  I looked into it and saw the policy of not being able to sell Animals.  I had to Google many different keyword phrases to find the restriction.

Many people over the past week have started discussions on personal Facebook pages and in different Facebook Groups about the "news."  I've mentioned that many of the posts that I've done for my clients have been deleted and participated in the conversation.  I've pointed people to the Commerce Policy.  Everyone would have their opinion of how to get around the situation.  After doing more research and reading, I agree there are ways to get around the Facebook Ban on Animal Sales.

How to sell your horse on Facebook

The best way to get around this issue is to have your horse for sale on an outside website. You can then post links to your horse for sale on Facebook in groups and on your Profile.

If you have a website, you can list your horse for sale then post the link.  Or you can use a site like Find My Horses and put your horse for sale then post the link.  You then can publish and promote that link to your horse for sale on Facebook groups and in your status.

Facebook is currently actively monitoring groups and looking for ads that do not follow their rules.  I've had all horse for sale posts removed when I have not used the Buy/Sell feature.  I've had my horse for sale posts removed even when not posting in the Market Place.  More than likely Facebook is doing a word search program.  (as computer programs can be programmed to do many things)  Also, there are people that have fun sitting in their chair and reporting people that do things that they are not supposed to be doing (like posting horses for sale) and eventually accounts will be disabled or banned.  Facebook created its platform to be what they wanted it to be.   We can't change it.  Our options are to follow their rules or go elsewhere.

So.  To list horses for sale on Facebook you can have them on an outside website and post the link to that horse on Facebook.   This will help you avoid the Facebook Policy of no Animal sales.

Places to Sell your Horse

I'm a person that knows that different people have different needs, budgets, and computer skills.  So here is a list of places to sell your horses that you can use the links to post on Facebook.

  • Find My Horses  Free, $25 per horse until sold.  Unlimited photos and videos.
  •   Listings are $25 until sold.  It used to be $30 for 3 months or $55 per month for a Premium Listing.  It is great to see that they are now along with the same price as other sites.
  •  Text Listings are Free.  Single Photo ads are $20 for 90 days.  $40 for 4 photos for 90 days.  Add a video link for $10.
  •  FREE 30 days one photo no video, $14.95 for 90 days with 6 photos and no video, $24.95 for 90 days with 12 photos and one video, $99.95 for 6 months with 24 photos and 3 videos.
  •  Text or one photo FREE for 3 months.  Up to $24.95 for 3 months depending on the options you choose.

(For a full list of all fee's, please Compare Listing Fees to Sell Horses & Services)

So please look at your options and be careful when you list your horse on Facebook for sale.   Don't get your Facebook account banned because of the new Facebook Policy of no Animal sales.

I have found a photo of an email from Facebook stating you can promote links to outside websites with your horses for sale.

New Facebook Policy of No Animal Sales



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