Oakdale Equine Rescue

Oakdale Equine Rescue

All of us at Oakdale Equine Rescue are in this for one thing and one thing only, our love for these beautiful equines. All over the United States and abroad these animals are faced with unknown fate. They are either part of a family, sold for slaughter, unwanted, neglected, or their owners have fallen on hard times and can no longer care for them.

Oakdale Equine Rescue was established in October of 2010 to provide a safe and happy environment for these equines in need. Many times these horses come to rescues due to abuse and neglect, that’s what all of us at Oakdale Equine Rescue are passionate about giving these special horses a safe haven even for just a short stay until we find them a forever loving home.

Our mission:

A.      Assist animal control officers in seizing, adopting and fostering horses:
B.      Rehabilitate neglected and or abused horses:
C.      Educating the public about horse care and management:
D.      Help Equine owners place horses in time of need:
E.      Help place equines into forever homes:
F.      Be available to other equine rescues:
G.      To encourage the public to get involved in stopping all animal neglect and abuse:

There are so many positive avenues Oakdale Equine Rescue can offer and with our dedicated board of directors, we will make life kinder, happier, healthier and secure for these wonderful equines.

Website:  www.oakdaleequinerescue.org

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Contact Us:
Jeannine (209) 614-2338
Lora (209) 605-8302
fax# (209) 527-6886
Email: oakdaleequinerescue@ymail.com

Oakdale Equine Rescue
P.O. Box 1980
Oakdale, CA 95361

The faces behind OER

We have all become great friends! 

We started with just 6 horses back in 2011. As of November 2017, we have rescued 428 horses. 

This journey of ours will continue on...

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