PKS Connection and Self Discovery Program

Promise’s Kept Stables is now offering PKS Connection and Self Discovery Program for Teenagers and Adults who have been bullied, have low self-esteem, or are just misunderstood. If you are searching for a greater sense of purpose and passion within yourself, then consider our program.

Our equine activities encourage communication, problem solve, practice leadership, teamwork, trust and  "out of the box" thinking.

No horse experience is required

All riders are also welcome

Things That you will Accomplish at PKS Connection and Self Discovery Program

    •    Stronger Leadership & Improved Teamwork

    •    Effective Communication & Listening

    •    Boost Trust & Commitment

    •    Positively Influence Others

    •    Greater Creativity in Problem Solving

Work from the Ground Up

We have all heard that saying before. When learning with horses, that is the best way to start. When we work with horses (un-mounted, or mounted ), we can work and form a partnership and bond between horse and human, as well as one another.

PKS Connection and Self Discovery Program

Staying Focused

Horses demand our attention at all times. We have to stay focused and attentive while being around Horses. Not just only be aware of yourself, but to be present and conscious of your environment is key to success. Horses are providing us with information regarding our strengths and weakness in regards to our inner sense of self, as well as our interactions with others.  Horses can read our emotions and show us what we can sometimes not see in ourselves.

PKS Connection and Self Discovery Program


Clear communication is the key to any relationship. If you send mixed messages and are not consistent in how you behave, the horse (just like humans) will be confused and non-responsive. In the world of business and academia we are evaluated on our use of words, both spoken and in writing; but with the horse's none of that matters. Horses mostly use non-vocal communication and thus are beautiful teachers to help us better understand and learn how to use body language to help calm yourself and horses.


Horses, like humans, naturally desire a leader. Horses like to know that they are safe, protected and someone is looking out for their best interests. They want someone to help them. However, like humans, in the presence of a weak leader, they are left with questions.

PKS Connection and Self Discovery Program

Program and Pricing Options

1 Hour Class

  • On the Ground $45
  • Riding $65

2 Hour Class

  • On the Ground $65
  • Riding $95

4 Hour Class

  • On the Ground $120
  • Riding $160

6 Hour Class

  • On the Ground $210
  • Riding $250

Sign Up Information

Morgan Billings 615-330-1040



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