Promises Kept Equine Rehabilitation Results

Check out Promises Kept Equine Rehabilitation Results on a young colt born at DD Mini Farm.  The foal was born with very crooked legs and was treated by the vet and by Morgan of Promises Kept Equine Rehabilitation.  I am delighted with the results from Morgan's Kinesiology Taping.

I (DaNel Hicks owner of Find My Horses) hired Promises Kept Equine Rehabilitation to help with the legs of a miniature horse born on the property.  Dr. Matthew first saw the colt at Tennessee Equine Hospital before Morgan Billings worked with him.


Morgan Billings Lmt Esmt
Promises Kept Equine Rehabilitation

Here is Morgan's Diagnosis:

Here is Skittles, the little pony I worked on, who was born with his feet folded underneath him. He went to the vet today, and we are proud to announce that he cleared the vet visit!!!! His legs are good.

Dr. Matthew from Tennessee Equine Hospital put special shoes on him to start helping with his feet. Once we got the ok, I went out and did some Kinesiology Taping on his legs to strengthen his tendons and ligaments so while he is growing, they will develop stronger and healthy. He will need some corrective trimming done to his feet, but other than that, he has a good 🙂. The time frame in pictures is from July 1st - Aug 5, 2016.

Promises Kept Equine Rehabilitation Results

If your horse needs Equine Massage or has any issues, please work with your vet and contact Morgan for additional therapy if you are in the Middle Tennessee Area.  If you are not in the Middle Tennessee area then please consider finding another Equine Massage Therapist to help you.

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