Resources for Non-Profit Rescues


I want to thank Gloria Schramm for sending the Resources for Non-Profit Rescues to Find My Horses to share with rescues.

American Horse Rescue

Feed it Forward (Nutrena)

Federal Government Equine Grants

For Thoroughbreds - Thoroughbred Charities of America

Grants for Equine
The 2016 Buckit List link for horse grants may have grants annually.

Unwanted Horse Coalition

Caroline Equine and Rescue Assistance in North Carolina

Emergency and Disaster

A note from Gloria:

Thank you again for posting this valuable info on your website and being willing to send it out to
the horse rescues. They may know of some but I find many do not! I send them via Facebook
message to them. As I learn of them from contacting them to save horses from a FB group,
Saving Slaughter Horses, I then tell them about the 5 grant links I know of. Although I have not
researched them or the qualifications, I want to pass them on because I feel some will help
someone out there.
 I hope they actually help someone out there!
Gloria Schramm


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  1. Thank you for all your time and efforts for the horses and people who love them

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