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Find My Horses Presents:  Sacred Core Wellness

Amy Burgoyne, RMT, PMC SWP.
I am looking for locations to hold training for horse owners to learn a wellness technique that I teach and work with daily on my clients.

I can be reached by email:

at 207-478-8725 (Sacred Core Wellness)

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What you will learn:

Learn this gentle yet powerful technique that releases trauma, pain & suffering due to injury or PTSD. Build a timeless and trusting bond with your Equine and expect to gain a more telepathic way of communicating with one another and a tool that aids in healing horses physical, emotional and mental needs. This healing system is safe and will never harm an animal. If a horse has experienced abuse or neglect, This will assist in releasing residual wounds.

Treating Equine helps to relax and calm them, making it easier for owners and trainers to handle them and resolve behavioral issues. A calmer horse means a more relaxed, happier owner. In conjunction with traditional veterinary care, it assists horses to recover faster, saving owners anxiety and cost. Veterinarians trained in this type of healing have found it useful in treating travel stress and digestive problems, as well as settling mares who are new mothers. This also is beneficial as a horse approaches the end of its life. It can provide comfort to a beloved animal, its owners, and the staff members who provide daily care.

Equine Energetic Techniques works by channeling the energy that flows through the body and the neuropathways of the horse and owner much like an electric current. Typically some factors can interfere with the Equines natural life rhythm & flow. Among them are physical injuries, trauma, dietary changes, emotional problems, training issues or a combination of these problems. Any blockage of energy can result in physical, psychological or behavioral problems.

An individual providing this technique, restores positive energy flow into the animal’s body, correcting the imbalance. Horses are particularly sensitive and quickly pick up on the healing a practitioner offers through hands-on or even hands-off means. Typically, the animal will approach and promptly become a willing participant.


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