Sophia’s Oasis for Equines, Inc

Sophia’s Oasis For Equines, Inc. (SOFE), is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, equine welfare organization located in the State of Maryland.  We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of equines in need; assisting equines in situations of neglect, abuse or the threat of slaughter.

We are also dedicated to assisting other equine rescue organizations located in the tri-state area, New Jersey, and Delaware to save equines from the slaughter pipeline.  Additionally, we desire to help the BLM mustangs whenever possible.  We are dedicated to educating the public regarding the standards of care required to maintain an equine as a riding partner and/or companion animal in a humane manner.


3811 Hance Road
Port Republic, MD 20676
(410) 610-0430

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Sophia's Oasis for Equines, Inc Goals:

(1)  Accept into our program equines in need;

(2)  Assist in the placement of equines under the care of private owners who can no longer maintain them;

(3)  Provide necessary management, veterinary and farrier care for those equines under our protection;

(4)  Rehabilitate and adopt out equines to suitable homes as sport-horse prospects; pleasure riding prospects or as retirement/companion animals;

(5)  Obtain sponsorships for those equines who maintain a permanent residency under the auspices of our organization;

(6)  To provide all animals under our care with a comfortable and dignified existence without pain or suffering.  If and when physical and medical circumstances no longer allow that comfortable life; to let them go gently and kindly with a humane veterinary-assisted euthanasia.

(7)  Provide sponsorships and assist other legitimate nonprofit rescue organizations when our facility is at capacity.

"Save A Horse, Ride A Rescue"



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