Southern Star Stables


Southern Star Stables is Located off N. Hwy. 14 in Greer, SC. has Openings available. Pasture, Stall, Self Care, and Full Care available with turnout.


Stalls are 12 x 12 with windows, secure large tack room, 2 riding rings, round pen, owner lives on the property.

We board Ponies, Miniature horses, and full-size horses. All riding disciplines welcomed. We have Gaited horses, Miniature Gypsy horses, Miniature horses, Quarter Horses, Friesian, Fox Trotter, and a Mustang.

Self Care Pasture - $200 a month for single pasture horse or $350 a month for 2 horses. (You furnish feed, hay and take care of your horse)
Full Care Pasture - $375 a month for a single horse and $500 a month for 2 horses.  (We furnish feed, hay)

Self Care stall - $250 a month  (You furnish feed, hay, shavings and clean the stall)
Full Care Stall - $495 a month  (We furnish feed, hay, and clean stalls)

CALL 864.483.9708


  • Stall Board
  • Pasture Board
  • Private Turnout
  • Outdoor Arena
  • Round Pen
  • Wash Rack
  • Tack Room

We have individual pastures for your horse. They can see their neighbor horses and everything on the farm. No other horse will eat their feed or hay...they are calm and not anxious about eating and watching out for other horses to steal or run them off of their feed or hay. There are water outlets so it is easy to keep fresh water to your horse.

Our Stalls in the stables are 12 x 12 with windows, chain ink between stalls so they can see the horses next to them. The chain link is sturdy and allows air to flow between stalls and through the hallway of the stables. The stalls have sliding doors with pin locks. There are electrical outlets at each stall so a fan can be added in the summer on hot days and for heated water buckets for the winter time so the water never freezes. In the stables is a 12 x 12 tack stall for all the borders. A retractable water hose in the hallway for ease of watering your horse.

We live on the property so we can check on the horses here and be there if storms come through and trees take down a fence. I have been in business since 1988 and have experience in all types of nutrition for all types of horses.


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