Stallions Standing at Stud

Find My Horses: Stallions Standing at Stud

Stallions Standing at Stud

Find My Horses is looking for quality Stallions Standing at Stud to promote.  If you are a breeder that breeds horses to promote the breed, then list your Stallions with us today.

List your Stallions Standing at Stud in our directory for only $25.00 for a full year.  It will be listed both under the breed category and the state category.

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Tell us about your horse and why someone should choose your horse to breed to. Are there any requirements for mares to have done before breeding to your stallion? Has your horse had any DNA testing done? What is your mare care rates?

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List all my horses together in one category with my Farm or Name. An additional $5. YesNo

You may also add photos of your stallions get in a separate email.  Just give as much information as possible.

IF you do get a reply to your form submission within 24 hours about your ad for your Stallion Standing at Stud, please email

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