The Cash Jackpot Jr – SOLD

Find My Horses Presents: The Cash Jackpot Jr

The Cash Jackpot Jr

Horses Name
The Cash Jackpot Jr. (aka CJ)

5 (2011 model)




Tennessee Walking Horse

Yes, registered with TWHBEA #21100971

1 Very Gentle

Show Experience

Up to Date on Shots

Current Coggins

Location of Horse
Gate City, VA 24251

More Information:

The Cash Jackpot Jr is a lovely in-your-pocket horse with a puppy dog personality. He is willing to do anything to please and loves treats or scratches. I have yet to find anything he will spook at. He is calm and level-headed with a side of a goofball that will keep you smiling.

He is only green broke as time has gotten away from me. Cash has about 40-50 hours of ride time on him.  He has been walked on a road and didn't flinch when cars went flying past him. His is still cautious about blind curves but doesn't try to bolt. He would do best with a buddy on roads until he has a bit more experienced. The only reason for selling is that I have very little time to ride and he would like a job to do. He knows all basic command both in hand as well as under saddle. Cash can be ground tied to be brushed and tacked up.

He is brilliant and kind. Cash ADORES children and has had a few led around on his back. He would make an excellent show horse!

There is nothing wrong I can say about this boy. I just hate to see him sit in a field doing nothing.

He is a perfect gentleman for both the vet and farrier. Cash doesn't mind baths or clippers and will even take his de-worming without a halter or having to be on a lead rope. He has never had shoes on and does well barefooted. Cash does come from padded lines so he is built just like his sire, narrow chest and long legs, however, I will not sell him to someone who intends to put pads on him. He gaits beautifully by himself.


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