Veterinary and Equine Thermal Imaging Course

Veterinary and Equine Thermal Imaging Course

Infrared thermal imaging is now being widely used throughout the world for many Equine & Veterinary applications.   An online technical training course has been made available through to help with understanding this technology for use with large and small animals.

Equine & Veterinary thermal imaging program

Vital information for practical use of infrared thermal imaging is provided in a convenient format via the internet.  This program helps with successful implementation, along with the technical, scientific, and image interpretation aspects.  Animal studies are presented and analyzed, along with a presentation of the latest research in the field, particularly for equines.

Thermal imaging provides an efficient, non-invasive way to have an objective look at the animal to help with the overall evaluation, and observe changes based on a particular treatment.

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It’s a compilation of their over thirty years of work with infrared thermal imaging for human and animal studies.  The company is an established producer of infrared imaging cameras, software, on location teaching, installation, and support systems.   The online program is a complete set of educational sessions based upon live seminars and personalized instruction, to be taken at the user’s pace.

Certificate provided upon Completion

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Unlimited access for one year
  • Does not require ownership of an infrared camera or prior experience with this technology

For efficient views of musculoskeletal and vascular conditions, inflammation, stress, monitoring therapies, performance evaluations, saddle fitting and more.

A continuing resource for Veterinarians, Trainers, Therapists, Owners, Farriers, and Animal Lovers.

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TG3 Infrared Systems LLC
Tampa, FL   U.S.A.
Telephone:   1.813.418.6165



If this program interests you then please contact TG3 Infared Systems LLC and ask them about the Veterinary and Equine Thermal Imaging Course that can be taken online.


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