Virginia Horse Evacuation Help

Find My Horses Presents: Virginia Horse Evacuation Help

Find My Horses is looking for people to provide Virginia Horse Evacuation Help during a disaster in Virginia.  If there was to be some type of disaster near you what could you do to help?  Transport horses, let horses stay at your facility, provide feed or hay?  We are looking for people that will do this for FREE or cost of product.  NOT to make a profit when a person is in need.   Think of this as a good Samaritan page.

Contact Us and let us know how you can help in a disaster.

Listing yourself as Horse Evacuation Help is FREE.

Horse Evacuation Help

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Since starting this page Find My Horses has found of another organization for people to register on.  The Fleet of Angels Organization.   So please sign up there also.  I will continue to add listings to the Find My Horses site for all across the United States.

Christianbsburg Virginia

Vickie Boles.    871 Silver Lake Road,  Christianbsburg Virginia 24073.  Do not have ability to pick up. But do have pasture, run in sheds. Plenty of round bales, have  sq bales  but sparce due to dry summer.  I am retired,  I am here on farm most of time.  Appalachian Lg Animal Vet s are 10 min away. Great people.

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