Whiperwil Farm

Whiperwil Farm is located in west central Wisconsin. We raise and show registered Welsh ponies, having Sec A's, also known as the Welsh Mountain pony, Sec B's, Sec C's and 1/2 Welsh.

We have a young home raised Sec B stallion to cross on our mares, and take our Sec A mares to outside stallions. I also have a reg AQPA mare, a reg POA mare, a purebred Arabian mare, and a reg AQHA mare to cross with my stallion at different times.

We raise ponies to be family friendly and to do well in the show ring if that is the owner's plans. The temperament of the mares is very important as we want our ponies to be part of the family. We show our ponies in halter classes, and I also drive. There is only so much room in the trailer, so not all can go to the shows, but we work with them at home.

Email: gelanderswelsh@yahoo.com
Phone: 715-743-4282
Website: www.whiperwilwelsh.com


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