Find My Horses

Find My Horses

Welcome to Find My Horses . . . 

Find My Horses is a website designed to help Horse Owners to find Horse Businesses.

Our goal is to be a source of information horse services, horse businesses, and for breed registries, local saddle clubs or breed clubs, rescues, tack, places to ride, etc. We want to be the go-to place for anything horses.  I had to rebuild the site, so check back often to see all the different options.

I have changed the listing program to be easier to use. You can now list Horses, Tack, Equipment, and Services very quickly.  There is a FREE option, a Featured Option ($15 for 3 months); also, there is an option to have a page dedicated to your business.  (a great opportunity if you don’t have your own website)

Do you have a horse-related business or service?

List your horse-related business so horse owners can find you.  Many of our advertisers are showing up on the first page on Google searches on our Blog Posts.  Have a page dedicated to your business.

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