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Find My Horses

Welcome to the Find My Horses Website 

The Find My Horses website is designed to help new horse owners learn how to care for their horses. Learn helpful information to keep your horses safe and healthy.  Read about product reviews of things that you have not tried yet. People need a place to find the information that they are looking for.   I have created a place for you to come and find all the horse information that you need all in one place.

Learn about horse health, worming, pasture management, and different riding disciplines.  I will be letting you know about different rescues around the United States.  Horse Rescues are a good source to find horses available.  Many rescues take horses in need and rehab them and train or re-train them for people to ride and show.

I will be sharing coupons and sales on different websites.

This site will be ever-growing.  I will be working on finding farriers, vets, places to purchase hay, supplies and all your horse needs across the United States.  Find My Horses will gladly take suggestions on topics and categories to add. Feel free to contact us at any time.



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