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My name is Elan, and I specialize in animal communication.  It is not just a gift, but an honor and a privilege to be the voice of our beloved animals.  I have always had the capability of hearing and healing animals, whether it is with whales and dolphins in the wild, animals in captivity such as panthers, lions, tigers, or grizzly bears, or domesticated animals such as horses, dogs, and cats.

To contact Elan for a reading: call 334-327-9993.

Elan O'Brian Animal Communication

I am capable of reading both people and animals. In domesticated animal situations, I can share an additional perspective. Many issues require insight not only into the animal but also their owner and the owners’ motivations. I can help bring animals and their owners together through animal communication and help them create a much more harmonious soul-based relationship.

Animal Communication Benefits

Equine readings can enhance performance, promote physical rebalancing, help attain and maintain health, alleviate stress, healing problems, or behavioral issues.  Elan can help you enhance your partnership with your horse in the equine world and help you connect on deeper levels.   Animal communication can even help you determine if the horse you are looking to purchase will be a good match for you. She has also assisted in communicating with horses who are transitioning or who have recently passed, ensuring you know their final words, and can get an element of peaceful closure.

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Elan’s readings for your animal are usually from a distance.  There is no need for her to be in your physical environment. She is willing to help anyone with their horse or pet.  Your appointment time is secured through payment, and then a mutually agreed time will be set; communicate with your animal.

To contact Elan for a reading:  call 334-327-9993.

Elan had a couple of her customers comment on her listing to let you know how much of an asset her services have been to them. Read their stories below:

Testimony 1

Elan has helped me with my horse on many occasions. I originally inherited my horse Zoomie after his old owner Mary died.  Before Mary passed away, I had ridden Zoomie and been around him a great deal. He had always been a relaxed horse. After Mary died, he became dangerous, rearing bolting, and unpredictable.  This went on for months before I called Elan. She did her magic of healing his heart and helping him connect with me. The next day after just one session, he was back to being a sweet horse, and we were totally bonded.  The dangerous behavior disappeared and never returned. That was four years ago now. It was nothing less than incredible.

Recently, I needed to move Zoomie from one boarding facility to another.  Sometimes he could be hard to load, and it was essential to me that he loads up in a timely manner to go to the new facility.   Elan communicated with him and told him how important it was to get on the trailer the day of moving.  She asked him what would be a good motivation for him to get onto the trailer.  He stated he would like some treats of apples and carrots.  She then asked him what would be something that could be told to him on the day of moving to help him remember.  He stated, “say the words, Load up on Treats.”  On the day we were moving, I said to him, “load up on treats,” and he loaded right up, took his treats, and off we went.  I love that Elan works with the horse directly to ask them how to solve the situation.

She has helped with many other issues with my other animals and my personal life.  Elan is truly a gift.  She is the real thing.

Kathy B.

Testimony 2

I have a long list of what Elan has done for me…and yes, I was a skeptic.  I am now a huge believer and readily seek her help and guidance, as do many others. The cost is well worth it.

  1. Animal Communication Readings for my horse, dog, and cat.
    Élan’s readings have helped me make decisions regarding my animals’ treatment and care.  For example, I have a senior horse sent away from me each year to support camp and junior riders.  I asked Elan to check in on him, and she was able to tell me if he was getting enough feed for his senior condition.  Given her reading, I knew that he was hungry and losing weight and came to discuss and rectify this with the Program Director. Elan’s information was right every time, and I could understand what my horse needed, his desires, and what he wanted to tell me. The most significant comment my beloved horse gave to Elan was, “Thank you for watching over me” after he returned from camp.
  2. Human Readings for my Mom and her then-current health situation.
    Through this reading, the family looked for signs and made prepared and informed decisions on Mom’s prognosis. It also helped during the recovery phase after her surgery. Elan’s reading was EXTREMELY HELPFUL.  I could not imagine making those decisions, not having the insight she gave us. We were able to keep from going into panic and fear mode and make decisions based on straight thinking.
  3. Healing
    On several occasions, I have been injured in one way or another. The 1st time I experienced Elan’s healing was when I fell on my knee on a root. The pain took my breath away initially, and then I got up to walk it off.  Elan came right over, asking what was wrong when she saw me limping. I told her, and we laughed… then she went directly to work, and in less than a minute, the pain was gone!

    Most recently, I popped my hip out of joint somehow and damaged the sciatic nerve. That is excruciating, even just driving the 18 miles to work. A few treatments from her got me back into shape.  In only one session, she relaxed my muscles and body more than the drugs did in 3 weeks. The pain was much subsided, and I could get in and out of my car. That next week was bearable, even the driving, sitting at my desk, and walking. Then the next week, we did a second treatment. Oh my, I don’t know if I could dance, but I sure felt like I could. I know the nerve is not completely healed as I get the dull pain from time to time when I twist or move wrong, but I feel pain-free now. HEALED.

  4. Elan has prepared things to better my health and my animals’ health. She will suggest supplements, prepare a regimen, and give supportive help for a healthy and better lifestyle. She will treat the animals just like she did me.

It is especially important to me for my animals to have her assistance. Have you ever wondered what your animals were thinking?  With Elan’s help, now I can know.

Marlene H

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