Blankenship Farms

How important is the quality of the hay that you feed your horses?  The answer depends on what your horse’s “job” is.  If your horse’s job is to grow a baby, then the type of hay in addition to the quality of hay is essential.  Pregnant mares should not be fed Fescue hay.  Fescue can cause problems with the birth of a foal.

I purchase my non-fescue hay from Blankenship Farms.  Bales of hay comes in 21 bale bundles at various prices depending on the type of hay you are buying. I have purchased both Bermuda Hay and Alfalfa Mixed Hay.  My horses love the Bermuda hay, and I call it cotton candy hay because it is so soft and smells so good.  You can pick up, or he will deliver locally.

Blankenship Farms
5646 Halls Hill Pike
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
615-533-8566 (call or text)

Blankenship Farms

Mr. Blankenship also has rolls of hay for sale in addition to square bales.  He keeps hay year-round, and when he runs low will bring hay in from out west.

Hay is horse quality and looks and smells great.  I have never had a bad batch of hay in all the years that I have purchased from Don Blankenship.

Blankenship Farms is located in Middle Tennessee near Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Mr. Blankenship grows horse hay in addition to cattle hay.  Watch the video below for a tour of Blankenship Farms.

Don Blankenship is a good man to do business with.  Just let him know that you found his information on DaNel’s website.

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