Gaited Advocate Intervention Team, Inc

Gaited Advocate Intervention Team, Inc. (also known as GAIT, Inc.) has been formed to meet an ever-growing demand for the gaited horse breeds and other equines who have become in danger of being shipped to slaughter or are in the hands of neglectful owners. GAIT, Inc. will serve as both a direct rescue for horses as well as a resource for educating others on the care and training of the gaited breeds and horses in general. Also, we will inform the public about the issues of slaughter and auction pipelines as well as how the gaited horse can be used successfully as pleasure and versatility mounts via public exhibitions, fairs, expos, and other similar venues.

Gaited Advocate Intervention Team, Inc

GAIT, Inc. will act as consultants doing evaluations, video and/or as networking facilitators for private owners as well as other rescues and non-profits that may not have experience with the gaited breeds, but who have taken gaited breeds into their rescue programs.

GAIT, Inc. facilitates the rescue of gaited horses and other at-risk equines from slaughter, abuse, and neglect.

Sarge came to GAIT, Inc. from the Tarheel Feedlot in NC.  He, like Faith, was purchased by a private owner.  But instead of that owner reaching out to us for help, they neglected to pick him up.  After languishing at the lot for over a month, another rescue told us about him, and working together; they transported him to us for quarantine.  He then went under the careful training of Lacey MacKintosh of Stable Minds, LLC, where he received the foundation training that was skipped by previous owners and learned to be confident and bold on the trail.  He is now living his Happy Ever After with Brittany in Mt. Airy, MD

Gaited Advocate Intervention Team Wish List:

  • monetary donations for the ongoing care of youngsters and aged horses in our program
  • quality foster homes in the Maryland or SoCal area
  • training partners in the Maryland or SoCal area
  • A 16′ 7’6″ wide bumper pull stock trailer
  • Low-cost boarding in the Maryland area
  • Straw donations for our babies
  • mare/foal feed
  • Gift certificates to Farmer’s Co-Op, Southern States, and Tractor Supply

We are always on the lookout for free and inexpensive hauling, short-term quality quarantine care, and foster care.  We can also use donations of grain, bagged feed, hay, bedding, even veterinary, dental, farrier, and other services. We’re also always open to new ideas.  Please contact us if you have resources you can share to help save the horses.

May is a 3yo Walking Horse mare rescued from a feedlot in Louisiana.  She is now living happily with the Minera family in Coarsegold, CA

Contact Information:
Facebook: Gaited Advocate Intervention Team, Inc. 501c3
Email: [email protected]

14515 Chrisman Hill Dr
Boyds, Maryland 20841
(240) 720-4545


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