Horse Boarding Contract Agreement

Horse Boarding Contract Agreements are between a boarding stable and a horse owner for the care of a horse. The specific terms of the arrangement should be memorialized in writing. Having a written agreement will prove invaluable in the event of a horse’s illness or injury or misunderstandings or disagreements about the horse’s care.

I used to board horses myself.  I did use a boarding contract, and at one point, I did have to hire a lawyer to remove borders from my facility.  They refused to leave after I gave them both a verbal and written contract.  Their horses were destructive and caused damage that they did not want to pay to repair.  I genuinely believe that boarding contracts are the best thing because if the owner of a horse chooses not to take care of the horse properly, the horses can boarders can be asked to leave.


Among others, this Boarding Stable Agreement contains the following provisions:

  • Client Information: Name and pertinent information about the client, the horse, and the boarding stable;
  • Services and Term: Sets forth the specific services to be performed and the term of the agreement;
  • Duties of the Boarding Stable and the Owner: The specific services both the boarding stable and the owner will perform;
  • Emergencies: Sets forth who will be summoned in the event of an emergency with the horse.


Horse Boarding Contract Agreement

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A boarding contract can be lengthy, covering several pages as it describes numerous possible situations. Your boarding agreement should cover several fundamental issues.

  • Address of the boarding facility
  • A description of the horse (photos are excellent)
  • Who is in charge of exercising the horse
  • A summary of what is covered and what is not covered in the boarding fee
  • Who is responsible for calling the farrier and vet
  • What happens when the horse owner doesn’t pay
  • Notice of contract cancelation requirements
  • Liability release


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Horse Boarding Contract Agreements

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