How to sell horses on Facebook (without going to Jail)

Do you want to know how to sell horses on Facebook without going to Facebook Jail?  Facebook has been cracking down on animal sales for the past few years.  It goes against their policy to sell animals on their social media sites.  It has never been OK to sell animals of any kind on Facebook according to their Commerce Policy.  Until recently, Facebook didn’t do anything about it.  Unless you searched and read it beforehand, you never knew about the restriction. I had to Google many different keyword phrases to find the limitation.  Below is a photo of the policy along with verbiage from the page for you to read.

Regulated Goods

How to sell horses on Facebook

Content that attempts to sell live animals between private individuals.¹  Content that coordinates or supports the poaching or selling of endangered species and their parts

¹ As we strive to protect the welfare of animals against illicit trades, we cannot always ensure their safety in a peer-to-peer transaction. We will still allow such sales if posted by brick-and-mortar entities, animal rehoming, and adoption agencies and shelters. This is an update to our existing policy, which already prohibits the sale of endangered wildlife and their parts. We will continue working to keep both people and animals safe and also plan on providing new reporting options on Facebook so that people can report content that violates this policy.

What you can post

You can post links to outside websites where your horses are listed for sale.  Do not put the description in the post, just the link.  Extra words may cause Facebook to see the link as an ad.

When listing the link to your horse for sale do it in a discussion post.  Do not do it in the sales format.  Go back and check after the post publishes because if Facebook thinks that it is a sales ad it will change the format.  Sales ads will get you banned from the Market Place (even if you choose not to publish to the market place) and possibly in Facebook Jail.

If you have a brick and mortar location then you can list animals for sale on the Facebook Page for that location (farm, ranch, sale barn, etc). One of the perks of listing your horses or business on Find My Horses is that we post your business or horse on our Facebook page. We get your information in front of potential clients for you.  Find My Horses is considered a brick and mortar store and can list horses for sale on our Facebook Page.  Just choose one of the options when you are registering your horse or service.

I have found a photo of an email from Facebook stating how to sell horses on Facebook by listing them on a Facebook Page.

Accounts are deleted or banned

Facebook is currently actively monitoring groups and looking for ads that do not follow their rules.  I have seen several groups deactivated and completely removed.  Sales posts are deleted even when the Buy/Sell feature has not been chosen. Facebook will go back and change your post to a sales post due to the wording that is in the post.  I’ve had my horse for sale posts removed even when not posting in the Market Place.  More than likely, Facebook is doing a word search program.  Some people also have fun sitting in their chairs and reporting people that do things that they are not supposed to be doing (like posting horses for sale), and eventually, accounts will be disabled or banned.

Facebook has created the platform to be what they wanted it to be.   We can’t change it.  Our options are to follow their rules or go elsewhere.


I have found the following posts that go against Facebook Rules that should not.  If you have any additional ones that you would like to share here then please send them to me.

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