Legal Forms for Horse Owners

From time to time, Legal Forms for Horse Owners and Businesses are needed.  When selling a horse, leasing out a horse, giving riding lessons, boarding, etc.  It is best always to use legal forms explicitly worded for equine use.

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Legal Forms for Horse Owners

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All forms are guaranteed to be valid in the state designed for use.  Don’t worry about an issue coming up that your contract won’t cover.  Sign your form online, free with any form purchase.  Try the contract with no risk.


The following Legal Forms for Horse Owners and Businesses are from Find Legal Forms, Inc.  All contracts are for horse-related businesses.

Service Agreement (Horseback Riding Lessons)

Horseback Riding Lessons Contract and Liability Release for your state.

This Horseback Riding Lessons Contract and Liability Release is for use by a company that rents horses and provides horseback riding lessons. This contract sets out the relevant terms, including the price of the lessons and the student’s indemnification of the company in the event of an accident or injury.

Horseback Riding Lessons Contract and Liability Release – $19.95

from: FindLegalForms, Inc.

Service Agreement (Horse Boarding)

Horse Boarding Agreements between a horse owner and a boarding stable who will provide stabling and care for the animal. These agreements set out information about the client and the horse, specific duties both parties will perform, agreement term, and contact information in the event of an emergency.

Service Agreement (Horse Boarding) – $19.95

from: FindLegalForms, Inc.

Horse Bill of Sale

A Horse Bill of Sale: when buying or selling a horse or other animal belonging to the equine family. This form sets out a detailed description of the animal, Coggins test information, and the price paid by the buyer for the animal.

Horse Rental Agreements

A Horse Rental Agreement (with Release and Waiver of Rights) is an agreement between an owner of a horse and an individual who desires to rent a horse. This type of contract is helpful because it provides the terms and conditions of the rental as well as releases the owner of the horse from liability should an accident occur.

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